Stories make learning fun!

Stories make learning interesting!

Stories keep a child interested!

Our goal is to help children under 8 years old begin their English education and provide a solid foundation in the language. This will provide an advantage in school and throughout their life. When a child learns to speak and read fluently at an early age, they will develop skills that stand out from the rest!

We want to introduce your children to reading and speaking English with the help of Tasha and Benji. These two characters will make the learning process fun and easy.

Tasha and Benji’s adventures are a delightful way for the young learner to learn vocabulary, practice reading, and listening English.  By watching a native speaker read the book that the child has in front of them, they will learn vocabulary, as well as correct pronunciation and your child, will learn quickly as they read, listen, and watch.

Along with the Tasha and Benji stories, we offer beginning vocabulary lessons in book and video format. The books help students learn the English names of common items and the corresponding videos teach correct pronunciation.

All of these will help your young student begin to learn English!